New Feature! Faster, automatic file uploads with SFTP Uploads

In sustainability and carbon accounting, efficiency and security are paramount. ESP is proud to introduce a transformative feature within our BraveGen CSR software that encapsulates these principles: the SFTP File Upload functionality. This cutting-edge tool is designed to streamline the data management process, enhancing the ease and reliability of submitting activity data files for carbon accounting. 



What is SFTP File Upload? 

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a new feature in BraveGen CSR which allows activity data files to be uploaded and processed automatically. It's a game-changer for Data Source Owners and any third-party submitters that need to provide data (particularly Scope 3 emissions), providing a flexible, hassle-free method to manage data without sacrificing on high-level security. 


How does SFTP work? 

SFTP massively simplifies emissions data collection and management. It’s this simple: 

  1. Drop data files (e.g. spreadsheets) into the SFTP folder on your computer, typically on the desktop.  
  2. These files are automatically uploaded, analysed, and added to our carbon accounting software. 
  3. Optionally, the files are either held in Quarantine for approval or the data is automatically extracted. 
  4. Your data is now in CSR! 

Notably, this process is available for users of CSR as well as suppliers. This means that, rather than chasing down suppliers and handing out hundreds (or thousands) of individual CSR logins, users can simplify set up an SFTP configuration and have suppliers drag and drop what they need. Easy as that. 


What are the benefits of SFTP? 

Put shortly, SFTP makes things: 

  • Easier. No need to wait for file uploads to complete. Just drag and drop. 
  • Faster. Automatic uploads does away with manually adding files directly. Combine this method with Smart Forms and even further reduce the time required for Scope 3 collection. 
  • Safer. Secure File Transfer Protocol – it’s right there in the name. Data uploads and transfers are just as secure as manual uploads, reducing the risk of data breach. 
  • Accurate. SFTP file uploads link your data with specific process and tasks within CSR, ensuring that every piece of data is accounted for and correctly processed.  
  • Accountable. Whether a file is successfully processed or encounters errors, users are promptly informed, ensuring transparency and control over the data management process. 


How can I get access to the SFTP function? 

Setting up SFTP for your organisation is a straightforward process. Simply reach out to our support team, who will set up an SFTP host specifically for your organisation. This is a fast and painless process, and it integrates seamlessly with existing CSR accounts as well as new ones. 

Ready to experience a faster data collection process with SFTP? Existing customers can get in touch with our support team to start the process. Interested in seeing what CSR can do for your business? Book a meeting with our Sales team for a quick demonstration.