ASB Receives 4.5 Star NABERSNZ Rating | ESP Case Study

ASB, one of New Zealand’s largest banks, is committed to building a strong and resilient New Zealand, including ensuring its own energy use is sustainable for the long term. As part of that commitment, ASB wanted to obtain NABERSNZ ratings across three of its key commercial sites in Auckland: C:Drive, North Wharf and Manukau.

Having partnered with us since 2008 on several other carbon and utility reduction projects, ASB turned to ESP for a streamlined NABERSNZ rating experience.


ASB’s energy efficiency journey began in 2004 with a cohesive energy strategy, kicking off with the Save Watt programme in 2005, the first of many energy efficiency campaigns focused on decarbonising the business across the country.

Almost two decades later, ASB is as committed as ever to cut emissions. As part of a wider environmental and climate change policy, ASB wanted to implement the NABERSNZ rating scheme across key sites to ensure its largest facilities were aligned with emerging environmental guidelines.  

“For us, it is about making sure that we commission and manage our buildings efficiently, optimising occupancy and utilization and understanding what changes we should consider to further enhance staff experiences as well as reducing emissions,” says Anita Potgieter, Head of Workplace Property and Facilities Management, ASB Property.

The three sites ASB wanted assessed are responsible for 85% of its staff – a significant number of people across varied roles and in varied building spaces.


Achieving a strong NABERSNZ result across multiple individual sites required equally strong expertise.

In 2008, we were commissioned to help ASB with its electricity reduction plan, resulting in a decrease in energy use across the entire portfolio by a staggering 50% by the time of writing. Upon learning that we are NZ’s #1 rated assessor, Potgieter recalled that “it just made sense to continue the partnership with ESP”.

“They’ve got good track record with us and great customer service,” says Potgieter. “They’ve been on the sustainability journey with us from the beginning and have always offered innovative climate-related suggestions.”

Our NABERSNZ rating process is conducted in four simple steps: 

  1. Monitor. We put together the 12 months of energy use data required for an official NABERSNZ rating, including setting up any necessary monitoring software.
  2. Assess. Our experts visit the building(s) to confirm and update the data provided, then process the information to produce an initial NABERSNZ rating.
  3. Improve. NABERSNZ ratings are valid for one year, offering an opportunity for a new and improved rating in 12 months’ time. We work with the business to optimise utility use and improve their rating through energy management plans, continuous commissioning, equipment upgrades and/or specialised utility efficiency software.
  4. Repeat. We return to the business for recertification after the initial rating rolls over, ensuring constant improvement and upgraded NABERSNZ ratings year after year.

After initial onboarding workshops, our team of expert engineers worked collaboratively with the team at ASB to set targets, plan improvements and deliver results.

“It was really great to work with ESP. Their approach was  were  straightforward,  and they were easy to work with. Our ESP consultant came into the buildings, performed his checks, clearly identified data we need to provide, and then very quickly submitted our assessment for a rating,” says Potgieter.


Receiving a 4.5 out of 5 star rating for both the C:Drive and North Wharf sites alongside a 4 out of 5 star rating for the Manukau site, ASB has been really pleased with the results.

“It’s given us the surety that we are operating our buildings to the right standard, and clarity on where we should concentrate efforts to make improvements,” says Potgieter.

“It’s helped us to assure our executive, board, stakeholders, and customers that we have a focus on sustainability and the environment and are actively introducing that focus into every aspect of what we do.”

Commending ESP on the team’s depth of knowledge and for understanding ASB’s goals, Potgieter mentions, “It was a real strength of ESP, and they were excellent to work with. It was a really good experience.”

Are you interested in getting a NABERSNZ assessment done for your buildings? Consult with ESP. Our simple, data-driven process gets results.