ESP Release Radar – September 2021

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Introducing ESP Release Radar, our new innovation focused series that highlights our key product features, product developments and latest news.
Thanks to a significant investment by New Zealand Green Investment Finance last year, we now have more resource available to develop our products and services. As a result we’ve got lots to share, so let’s crack into it!

Get to know ESP Hub – our intelligent utility data analytics platform.

This month we’re excited to share some of the key functionality in ESP Hub – New Zealand’s leading intelligent utility and carbon analytics platform.

We created ESP Hub so that organisations of any size can take control of their utility management, reduce costs and become more environmentally sustainable through one easy-to-use, concise and sharable platform.
Utility bills are no good at helping manage utilities – they arrive too late to take effective action and don’t contain the detail needed. ESP Hub makes it easy to see what’s going on where, so you can quickly make the required changes to reduce operating costs and meet your industry’s sustainability challenges.
Here’s an overview of how ESP Hub can help you achieve the environmental and economic outcomes you need:

1. Simplify utility reporting with intelligent data correlation

Measuring utilities across disparate platforms can be time consuming, cause communication silos and create reporting errors. ESP Hub intelligently correlates data points across all utilities, your own data and custom data sets. These correlated data points mean you can quickly drill into building and load data anytime — day or night. You can even overlay loads to gain a deeper understanding of performance. This feature makes reporting a breeze and can save you valuable time when searching for utility waste issues.

Load and timeframe drill down functionalities

Pictured: Load and timeframe drill down functionalities. 

2. Effortlessly achieve and report on organisational utility goals

Across all industries, environmental sustainability initiatives are growing increasingly more important. However, achieving and reporting on them quickly is easier said than done. Inside ESP Hub you can baseline your performance, set goals and monitor success across all your sites. Through dashboarding you can see real-time metrics for energy, water, carbon and cost performance. With a few clicks you can gain a clear overview of how your organisation is tracking towards its sustainability and utility management goals and discover where you may be falling short.

Utility, cost and carbon dashboarding

Pictured: Utility, cost and carbon dashboarding.

3. Streamline project management to deliver your utility reduction goals

Delivering the initiatives to achieve and stay focused on its carbon and utility cost reduction goals is vital to maintain progress. ESP Hub allows you to create projects to plan for success and quantify the expected costs and benefits. ESP Hub’s project feature makes it simple to identify and prioritise your utility management focus and efforts.

Overview of Projects feature

Pictured: Overview of Projects feature.

4. Quickly identify and resolve load faults with intelligent alerting

Keeping an eye on performance and identifying when usage is off track can be time consuming. Traditional threshold alerts quickly become a distraction, generating significant noise and are then usually turned off. ESP uses machine learning to work 24 hours a day, identifying and qualifying alerts so you can focus your time, and work on the issues that matter.

ESP Hub alert feature in action

Pictured: Example of ESP Hub alert feature in action.

Gain complete control of your utility management to improve Efficiency, Sustainability, and Performance with ESP Hub.

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