Create building value with NABERSNZ

Boost the market appeal of your property with a quality NABERSNZ rating

How well do you know your NABERSNZ? You’ve probably heard that a certified NABERSNZ rating is now mandatory for office buildings if you are looking for government tenants, but did you know how your building is set to benefit from taking the time to achieve a robust rating?

The reality is that a high NABERSNZ rating will create value for anyone who designs, builds, rents or occupies a building. Let’s look at how.

For architects, designers and engineers
Including energy efficiency into building designs using a NABERSNZ rating, will ensure higher demand in the marketplace. Not only that, but if you’re designing buildings that NABERSNZ can easily evaluate, the ratings process is significantly simplified.

For building owners
Simply put, the higher your NABERSNZ rating, the higher the quality of tenants you’ll attract. Many will be happy to pay more for an energy-efficient space. Additionally, you’ll achieve better occupancy rates and longer lease terms.

For property managers
A commitment to seeking high NABERSNZ ratings for the buildings you manage indicates you’ve got their best interests at heart, especially if you can demonstrate to your clients that the costs of implementing the changes needed to gain a high rating are often minimal. There’s also the option to train as a NABERSNZ Practitioner, where you’ll gain a deeper knowledge about NABERSNZ from a client’s perspective.

For tenants

When the building you occupy is energy efficient, you’ll reduce your operating costs. Because NABERSNZ are designed to help buildings improve over time, you’ll see on-going cost savings. If you have employees, they’ll benefit from a pleasant, energy efficient and sustainable environment and they’re more likely to become engaged in ‘green’ behaviour.

A high NABERSNZ rating = an environmental achievement

Because NABERSNZ ratings must be updated on an annual basis, you have the opportunity to continually improve that rating. When you aim for, and gain a high rating, this is recognised as an excellent environment achievement. In this highly competitive property market, a high rating will help set your building apart, and will help you to underscore your commitment to the environment and sustainability. This means you can improve rental returns, particularly with government agencies who are always looking for ways to prove their green initiatives.

NABERS ratings suppliers – they’re not all created equal 

The next question you’re probably asking is “how do I find a NABERSNZ ratings supplier who will help me to measure, monitor, achieve and sustain a quality NABERSNZ rating? You may have already begun your due diligence, and are wondering how to sort the wheat from the chaff. To help you with this, we’ve created a guide to evaluating your options. In it, we cover:

  • What NABERSNZ ratings mean
  • Rating supplier required accreditations
  • Questions to ask and services to enquire about
  • Accreditor qualities to look out for and red flags to avoid

You need a trustworthy NABERSNZ ratings supplier to help you get the best results possible, so it’s important to keep these specific attributes in mind when you’re weighing up the options.

Finding the right supplier is crucial, because you’ll be entering into a long-term relationship that should ensure your ratings improve over time. A high rating means you’ll gain a competitive advantage, as you’re demonstrating your commitment to energy management.

Ready to begin your search for a NABERSNZ ratings supplier? 

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