Carbon Neutral Government Programme Supplier

The Carbon Neutral Government Programme (CNGP) requires the public sector to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

ESP is pleased to be chosen by government as a supplier to the programme, and to help accelerate the reduction of emissions in the public sector. 

The public sector is taking a leadership role in decarbonising New Zealand. The government is ramping up its investment and effort to meet our carbon emission targets. Key elements of the Programme include:

  • All Crown agencies must measure, verify and report emissions annually. Gross emissions targets must be set across the supply and value chain, and a work plan introduced to achieve them.
  • Agencies must focus on phasing out the largest and most active coal boilers.
  • Purchase electric vehicles and reduce the size of their car fleet.
  • For all government office accommodation over 2000 square metres, new leases require a 4-star NABERSNZ building rating, with new builds needing a 5-star rating.

We are able to help government agencies through supply of our market leading software and advisory services to measure and report GHG emissions as well as analyse, develop, implement, support and manage emissions reduction plans and strategies.

For agencies looking to understand and achieve the mandatory NABERSNZ ratings required of government tenants, be sure to view our ‘Know your NABERS’ webinar here, or for more information on our NABERSNZ rating services you can find them on the website here.